VIDEO – Can I Extend the Life of Hydraulic and Lubricating Oils?

Can I extend the service life of hydraulic oils and lubricants?

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new oil has contamination

If you watched the video you already know that the answer is yes! Using techniques such as analysis and micro filtration of the oil it is possible to increase its useful life or reuse fluids such as hydraulic oils and even lubricants. To demonstrate this, we carried out a Case Study: First we separated 20 liters of used oil and took a sample for analysis. Then we perform the micro filtration of the oil for 24 hours. After this period, another sample collection for comparatives. As you can see in the video, the reports indicated that the sample of used hydraulic oil presented Standard ISO equal to 26/23/19, revealing a large amount of microparticles of 4, 6 and 14 microns. In the sample collected after micro filtration there was a sharp drop in these contaminants leaving the oil in conditions of use, even for sensitive COMPONENTS such as:

Used Oil (hydraulic) 26/23/19
Gear Pumps 19/17/14
Pressure Regulators 18/16/13
Directional Control Valves 18/16/13
Pumps / Motors (vane – piston) 18/16/13
Microfiltered Used Oil (hydraulic) 18/14/12


Contamination of Hydraulic and Lubricating Oils

About 70% to 80% of hydraulic system failures are caused by problems caused by contamination of particles or moisture in the oil.

As we have demonstrated in this case study, using techniques such as oil analysis and micro filtration, it is possible to increase the life of the oil and consequently improve the performance of machines and equipment.

How does oil analysis take place?

As we demonstrated in the video, the oil analysis is performed after collecting a sample, which is taken for analysis in the laboratory. It is important to note that different analyzes can take place, as different samples can be collected from different parts of the equipment.

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Understand oil microfiltration

The micro filtration performs the separation of particles present in fluids, oils and emulsions in which the filter elements have pores of 0.1 to 10 micrometers. The technology allows substances larger than the pores to be removed from the circulating fluid.

Diesel, lubricant and hydraulic oils go through a set of filters. The micro filtration process eliminates contamination particles (water and microparticles), preventing wear and damage to equipment caused by oil.

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What is the best filter element?

Talk to professionals specializing in oil analysis and microfiltration

Want to know more about the advantages of analyze and micro filtration of oils?

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