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We are a company focused on the development and production of innovative and technological equipment in the area of cleaning, analysisandoil purification,hydraulic and lubricants.

We started our activities in 2011 in the city of Chapecó in Santa Catarina, Brazil. We started our activities in 2011 in the city of Chapecó in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Buscamos agregar o melhor da tecnologia, permitindo assim, novos conceitos em rapidez, segurança, eficiência e qualidade.

POC Filters, through its team of experienced professionals, provides solutions to control fluid contamination. We are committed to supporting our customers in reducing maintenance costs and increasing the availability of their equipment.

Our segment covers Filtration, Microfiltration, Dialysis andAnalysis for fuel, hydraulic and lubricating oils in general, which offers maintenance solutions for equipment of all sizes.

In addition to constant investments in research and continuous improvement of its products, POC Filters maintains an international partnership with FTA - Filter Technology Australia, producing and representing this microfiltration technology in the Brazilian market.

This allows us to develop a line of products manufactured in Brazil with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market. Several successful cases in Brazil and abroad demonstrate that: controlling fluid contamination adds value to your business, reducing maintenance costs, fuel consumption and impact on the environment.

POC Filters products are versatile and can be adapted to your needs for Filtration and Microfiltration of fuel, hydraulic or lubricating oils. Low cost, easy installation and simple operation are other advantages guaranteed by the products.


Provide environmentally responsible products and services that support asset management excellence. Thus, exceeding the expectations of value from customers, shareholders, employees and society.


• Commitment to the development of talent and technology.
• Commitment and transparency in relations with customers, suppliers and employees.
• Innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.
• Innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

POC FILTROS - a fabrica

solidarity action

POC filters also thinks about people's health and well-being. For this reason, we support several institutions and carry out several solidarity campaigns that generate large collections and make many people happy.

We support institutions with periodic donations of milk cartons and bottle caps. With this and many other actions, POC Filters shows its strength as a responsible and active company. Doing good does too much good!

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