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Filtration or filtration is the ability to retain contaminants in the fluid, which through the centrifugation process, retains contamination. It is one of the most effective alternatives to increase the life of fluids, capable of eliminating 99% of water, 62% of sludge, 86% of particles up to 10 microns.

FMF- 408


Through microfiltration, the oil is passed through a set of depth filtering elements to eliminate contamination particles, whether solid or liquid.

Microfiltration is capable of retaining approximately 900 grams of solid contaminants and removing sludge from fluids. With that, the oil can be reused.

This process has 99.6% efficiency in the retention of solid particles up to 2 microns, in the Beta 300 Ratio.

Among the problems generated by the lack of microfiltration, there are failures of pumps and valves, loss of efficiency caused by internal leaks and loss of productivity.



Dialysis can be compared with hemodialysis, where the oil passes through the microfiltration cart without having to be removed from the tank or reservoir. It becomes an exit and entry cycle through the oil purification equipment.

The main advantage of dialysis is the retention of microscopic particles, not captured by the original filter system.

This process has 99.6% efficiency in the retention of solid particles up to 2 microns, in the Beta 300 Ratio.


oil analysis

Oil analysis is a predictive maintenance technique that, along with the use of filters, complements the maintenance plan and can indicate current and future equipment problems.

Knowing more about the composition of oils, we know which components are suffering from wear or if there is contamination, thus being able to schedule interventions and repairs.

Packages: Agricultural, Automobiles, Aviation, Construction, Energy, Rail, Cranes, Maritime, Road, Industrial, Insulating, Wind Turbines and Thermal Systems.


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