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Here at POC filters we use depth filtering elements in our oil microfiltration equipment. These, in turn, are capable of retaining microscopic contaminants that are present in the oil, whether diesel, hydraulic or lubricants. The equipment is assembled with a measured quantity of filtering elements, according to the flow, autonomy and need of the customer.

Do you want to know how the filter elements are mounted on the microfiltration tower? Watch the video below.


Austech Kit


For assembly you will need:

  • 1 square seal ring;
  • 1 round seal ring;
  • 3 small seal rings;
  • 1 pressure spring;
  • 1 nut for connection;
  • 2 metal washers;
  • 1 pair of filter element with efficiency in 2 microns;

Click here and see how the filter element works in oil filtration


The depth filter element

Also known as a cartridge or refill, the filter element plays a fundamental role in removing water and solid particles from the oil. This is the moving part of the depth filter, which acts in the retention of particles up to2 micras.

The filter element prevents dirt from circulating and damages hydraulic, lubricating and combustion systems of machines and vehicles. That is, the solid and water particles are prevented from returning to the pipeline.

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