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The cleaning of the fuel tank is essential for a high performance of diesel engines in the most diverse productive sectors, whether in Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Transport, Power Generation, among others.

Watch a Fuel Tank Cleaning video

Specifically in power generation, it is essential that diesel generator engines are in excellent working order, above all, depending on their application.

In a hospital, for example, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the good performance of a generator in a time of power failure can help medical professionals save lives.

Cleaning of fuel tank in the maintenance of Generators

In this post we are dealing with a Predictive Maintenance activity carried out in a generator group of a Hospital Unit in the Region of Grande Porto Alegre – RS. The action was developed by the POC partner that operates in that region, the SK2 Energy.

As we said above, generators are equipment that needs to be up-to-date, as they are requested in times of emergency such as when falls or power outages.

To provide a quick response at times like these, generators need to be in optimal working condition. In diesel generator we know that the quality and control of fuel contamination is essential for a quick response in critical moments.

In this hospital unit that we mentioned, generators are not used every day, so fuel can be stopped in reservoirs causing the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that feed on contaminants such as water and dust. This ends up creating rust in the tank and pipes, creating a cycle of degradation of the diesel system.

On a gradual scale, the constant use of contaminated fuel can generate the following problems in a diesel engine:

Damage to the fuel tank;
Difficulties in fuel flow;
Injection pump wear;
Injection nozzle wear;
Premature wear of engine components;
Contamination of crankcase oil;
Carbonization of the upper parts of the engine.

Technical procedures for cleaning the fuel tank

There are some fuel contamination control techniques that range from common filtration (Nominal) to deep microfiltration (Absolute). To help you know more about the subject we separate this post: What is the best filter element.

Poc and its partners always recommend depth filtration, as it guarantees a more efficient cleaning, removing 99.99% and solid particles at 2microns (ßeta 300 ratio)

Read more about oil cleaning rules and particle counting:

Standard ISO 4406

Standard NAS

After this short theoretical introduction, now we go to practical procedures. As you can see in the video, in the case of generators the cleaning of the fuel tank was carried out in two stages:

1º) Cleaning of the main fuel tank (6000 liters)

This tank is responsible for supplying the individual tanks of the generators.


For cleaning, the fuel was circulated and decontaminated from the tank, removing sludge, water and other contaminants.

Using a diesel filtering cart, it was enough to connect the outlet hose, located at the bottom of the tank, and the return hose at the top, making the fuel circulate.

2) Cleaning the fuel tank of the generators

Subsequently, the filtration and circulation of the individual tanks of each generator was carried out, tanks with a capacity of 200 liters.

Similar to the main tank, for the fuel tank cleaning procedure of the generators, a collection hose was placed at the bottom, thus capturing the bottom of the tank. The return hose, on the other hand, was placed at the top, ensuring agitation of the fuel and uniform cleaning.

Fuel tank cleaning benefit:

Controlling fuel contamination has 5 benefits:

1 – Prevents wear of components
2 – Reduces maintenance cost
3 – Equipment is more available
4 – Extends service life
5 – Causes less impact on the environment

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Video – Equipment for cleaning fuel tanks

As you followed in the first video, an oil filtering cart was used to clean the fuel tank, in the following video you will find more information about this equipment.

Video: Truck fuel tank cleaning

Contaminated diesel oil is highly harmful to machinery as it generates: lost productivity, increased consumption and excessive maintenance costs.

If you face this type of problem, contact POC Filters and find out about our diesel oil filtration solutions.

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