VIDEO – Cleaning of Diesel Oil Tank

See in this video how a fuel oil tank cleaning is performed.

The cleaning of the oil tank is carried out through fuel filtering or dialysis. It is recommended that this procedure be performed whenever the following problems are identified on the machines:

Falhas no motor;
Decreased power;
Increased fuel consumption;
Reduction in Rotations per Minute (RPM);
Failures to start;
Engine cycle failures or reduced speed;
Engine noise;
Neutral failures.

Information about the equipment used to clean the oil tank

The POC Mini T / FMF 203 used for cleaning the oil tank is considered a 2 in 1 equipment composed of a filtration system and a microfiltration system.

Filtration promotes a process of centrifuging the fuel, removing 99% of water and solid particles up to 10 microns.

Microfiltration has depth filtering elements making water retention and solid particles up to 2 micros

This equipment used to clean the diesel tank is easy to operate:

Composes a cart with tires;
Coupled motor and pump;
Power cable;
Starting key;
Inlet hose and suction rod;
Air drain valve;
Fuel oil purifier;
Contamination drain valve;
Pressure gauge;
Microfiltration towers;
Return hose and supply trigger;

This equipment can be used for cleaning the oil tank, transferring fuel, or at supply points.

Learn more about diesel oil filter trolley

Oil filtration with mobile units is also known as:

  • oil filtration trolley;
  • oil dialysis machine;
  • trolley for oil filtration;
  • mobile oil filtration unit;
  • oil filtration unit;
  • diesel oil filtering machine;
  • oil filtering machine;
  • oil filtration trolley;
  • oil treatment unit;
  • mobile oil filtration system.

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