Mar 3 2021

Video – How to assemble the Filter Element – Quick Change

Here at POC filters we use depth filtering elements in our oil microfiltration equipment. These, in turn, are capable of retaining microscopic contaminants that are present in the oil, whether diesel, hydraulic or lubricants. The equipment is assembled with a measured quantity of filtering elements, according to the flow, autonomy ...

Feb 11 2021

Por que separar a água e óleo?

Sabemos que a a água causa muitos danos quando emulsionada no óleo. Ao entrar no óleo, a água não se dilui completamente, formando uma emulsão. Dessa maneira, partes da molécula de água são capazes de causar reações químicas no interior do óleo, que, por sua vez, terá impacto sobre a ...

Feb 9 2021

Diesel Microfiltration Supply Train

See a case study with the implementation of a Microfiltration System for diesel oil in a Supply Train. The quality of fuel, especially diesel, has become a crucial factor in achieving the good performance of machines and equipment and productive success. On this journey the Diesel Supply and Lubrication Train ...
biodiesel no diesel

Feb 9 2021

Biodiesel in Diesel: everything you need to know

Biodiesel in diesel As seen in recent years, the growth of the biodiesel mixture in diesel has become increasingly common in Brazil. And, according to industry experts, the gradual increase in the percentage is already provided for by law. To give you an idea, in March 2020, the National Agency ...

Feb 9 2021

Understand how the SAE AS4059 Standard works

Understand how the SAE AS4059 Standard, the replacement for the NAS 1638 Better performance, greater efficiency and cost savings. Over the years, technological advances have helped the productive sector a lot, offering the perfect solution for different situations and also making the operation easier and more precise. Flow capacities were ...

Feb 4 2021

VIDEO – Can I Extend the Life of Hydraulic and Lubricating Oils?

Can I extend the service life of hydraulic oils and lubricants?  Also watch another video from the POC and ALS Respondem series! If you watched the video you already know that the answer is yes! Using techniques such as analysis and micro filtration of the oil it is possible ...

Feb 4 2021

VIDEO – Fuel Tank Cleaning

The cleaning of the fuel tank is essential for a high performance of diesel engines in the most diverse productive sectors, whether in Agriculture, Mining, Construction, Transport, Power Generation, among others. Watch a Fuel Tank Cleaning video Specifically in power generation, it is essential that diesel generator engines are in ...

Feb 4 2021

VIDEO – Cleaning of Diesel Oil Tank

See in this video how a fuel oil tank cleaning is performed.  The cleaning of the oil tank is carried out through fuel filtering or dialysis. It is recommended that this procedure be performed whenever the following problems are identified on the machines: Falhas no motor; Decreased power; Increased ...

Feb 4 2021

Oil Filtration Equipment with Particle Counter

 Discover a Hydraulic Oil Filtering or Dialysis equipment with a Particle Counter with a flow rate of 14 liters per minute and a 99.95 water retention rate and solid particles up to 2 microns (absolute). Components: Cart with tires; Power cable; Inlet hose and suction rod; Coupled motor and ...
filtro de superfície e filtro de profundidade

Feb 4 2021

What is the best filter element? Complete Guide!

Before answering the question, shall we better understand the context of a filter element? When it comes to equipment, machinery and engines, what is expected is adequate productivity, as well as the least possible wear on parts. However, for this to happen, it is necessary that the entire system is ...


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