Why does diesel oil need to be filtered?

Diesel oil is an important fossil fuel for several sectors of the market. It is used by the road (automotive vehicles; agricultural, industrial and construction machinery), maritime (vessels), rail, mining and electric power generators segments.

Derived from petroleum, diesel oil is destined for diesel cycle engines (those of internal combustion and compression ignition). Because it performs essential functions for the proper functioning of the engine, diesel oil requires special attention.

One of the most common problems when it comes to diesel oil is its contamination. In general, it can occur in three ways: by water (in three different ways), contact with solid particles and biological contamination (fungi and bacteria).

Contamination occurs in several stages of oil usediesel, as well as inadequate oil storage and storage; during poorly executed exchanges; in contact with material that accelerates the formation of sediments; and in the use of oil in vehicles and machines.

Video – Filtration of diesel oil in supply tank

The consequences of oil contamination

Once in contact with the oil, the contaminants alter and reduce their fuel properties. This phenomenon has several negative effects for all machinery. Check out some of them:

– Increased friction and wear: one of the main functions of lubricating oils is to serve as a protective layer between engine parts. When the oil is contaminated, there is a decrease in this protection, and, therefore, the friction intensifies. This also increases the wear of the parts.

– Reduced component life: this complication is directly linked to increased wear. As it causes damage to parts, wear reduces the service life of all machinery and increases the chances of downtime.

– Fuel injection failures: this type of complication usually occurs due to dirt on the pumps and injectors, which can even cause premature erosion of the parts.

– Engine deregulation, power loss and increased fuel consumption.

Video – Filtering diesel oil in truck tank

The benefits of diesel oil filtration

To combat and prevent contamination of diesel oil, filtration is one of the most recommended methods. By reducing the water content and separating solid particles and other contaminants from the oil, the filtration returns its lubricating properties, which ensures the proper functioning of the engine.

In addition to being a simple and efficient process, the results of filtering diesel oil are quite positive for the machinery as a whole. Among the advantages of filtration are: better engine performance, extended parts life, faster ignition and reduced downtime costs.

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