Water in diesel oil: damage to nozzles and injection pumps.

Water in diesel oil is synonymous with certain damage!

Considered a source of life and something essential for the survival of human beings, water is among the main villains when it comes to the useful life and correct functioning of engines and machines that depend on diesel oil.

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Water in Oil

This is because water in diesel oil is responsible for the creation of bacteria and fungi, which little by little cause corrosion and clogging of nozzles, pumps and injection engines, for example.

As they use diesel itself as a food source, bacteria and fungi multiply over time, creating a large layer of contamination, known as sludge. The sludge, in turn, accumulates at the bottom of vehicle and machine tanks.

Problems caused by water in diesel oil

When there is no constant maintenance process, the presence of water in diesel oil ends up becoming a synonym for damage, often very serious and expensive. Among other more common problems, the following stand out:

– Oxidation of nozzles, pumps and injection engines;
– Need to constantly change filters because of saturation;
– Deterioration of oil;
– Engine and machine failures;
– Makes the machines or vehicles stand still, which generates a loss of money;
– Reduced equipment life;
– Increased consumption;

How to know if there is water in the diesel oil?

First of all, it should be noted that it is impossible to avoid the presence of water in diesel oil. In general, it can occur in the following situations:

– Condensation: this usually occurs through the air entering the tank. Temperature variations cause water condensation to occur;

– Supply: on some occasions, water may also be present in the fuel, especially when of low quality or due to problems in storage conditions;

– Cleaning: inadequate cleaning of tanks and reservoirs paves the way for the presence of water in diesel oil;

Water in diesel oil

See here a special post about 3 water variations in diesel oil:

Water dissolved in diesel;
Free water in diesel;
Emulsified water in diesel.

Is it possible to control the presence of water in the diesel oil?

The answer is yes. There are several paths that, taken together, guarantee the quality of diesel and prevent damage to nozzles, pumps and injection engines. The first step is to ensure constant assessment and monitoring of diesel.

Besides that,water separating filters they are highly recommended by specialized professionals. The filters can be installed on vehicles or machines, or even in supply tanks.

Another way to avoid water in diesel is through microfiltration, one of the most efficient processes and which presents excellent results. Microfiltration also separates the solid residues present in the oil, which improves the performance of the engine and extends its useful life.

Learn more about controlling water contamination in diesel oil, speak to a specialist in Fuel Filtration and Microfiltration.

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