Maintenance Cost x Machine Downtime Cost

Maintenance cost x Machine downtime cost, have you asked yourself this question?

The good performance and the maximum longevity of the equipment are a priority for the most diverse productive sectors. In this sense, the monitoring and maintenance of your machinery is essential for the best use and durability of each device.

Although necessary, the cost of periodic maintenance can be seen as very high. However, its application is of vital importance, since it avoids even greater expenses with eventual failures, breaks and stops in the production chain.

With that in mind, we will discuss in today’s post how the cost of the faulty or stopped machine can outweigh the cost of maintenance. Find out why you should do a good maintenance planning instead of waiting for failures to arise to intervene.

Planning and surveillance

For good care of your equipment and efficient maintenance planning, you need to know the equipment well and monitor its conditions constantly. So, keep in mind the expenses for each type of repair, what spare parts are needed and the costs generated by a maintenance stop. In this way, intervention procedures can be performed in a more assertive manner, affecting productivity to a minimum.

Knowing how to monitor the appearance of the equipment allows maintenance procedures to be carried out only when necessary, acting more efficiently. In this sense, oil analysis and filtration, among other predictive maintenance techniques, are of particular importance. Through them, it is possible to ascertain the useful life conditions, operation, wear and deterioration of equipment, anticipating eventual failures and avoiding expenses with corrective maintenance.

Predictive maintenance and oil analysis

Through predictive maintenance, it becomes possible to elaborate a refined maintenance schedule, which points out the need for intervention in a timely and precise manner. This benefits the good performance of your machinery and the duration of its useful life, avoiding unwanted surprises.

The analysis of oil, using techniques such asfiltration and microfiltration, is essential in this respect. It points out the properties of the lubricating oil and the ideal time for its change, favoring the good condition of the equipment and the prevention of failures.

Maintenance Cost x Machine Downtime Cost

Take, for example, a hydraulic excavator that works at R $ 200.00 / hour and with two bucket trucks at R $ 100.00 / hour each. With 10 hours of work per day, this equipment together results in R $ 4,000.00 in daily revenue. Now suppose that the excavator stops for diesel or hydraulic contamination problems and that maintenance takes three days to resolve.

In this scenario, the less billing amount is R $ 12,000.00 at the end of the month, not to mention inconvenience of delayed works and maintenance cost. Even a seemingly simple and small problem can cause significant losses in performance and profitability. Therefore, predictive maintenance is crucial, since it guarantees the good condition and operation of the machinery at much lower costs.

Advantages of predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance prevents the appearance of failures and reduced performance caused by deterioration of equipment. With more assertive intervention procedures, it guarantees the quality and good condition of each component, favoring its capacity and productivity.

The techniques that make up predictive maintenance also work to improve the availability and reliability of machinery. After all, they prevent the intensification of wear and eventual failures through specific interventions, made only when necessary, ensuring that the equipment is available to the maximum for use.


Now you know that the cost of maintenance is much more worthwhile than the cost of a stopped machine. Predictive maintenance techniques allow accurate, current and effective care, in order to provide the best use of the life and performance of your equipment.

In order to avoid damage to your business, predictive maintenance, oil analysis and suitable filters are excellent allies that seek to reduce and avoid failures, ensuring the efficiency of equipment and the best results. Learn more about your machinery needs: see with our consultants the best ways to prevent failures andmake a quote.


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