Fuel oil filter: how to avoid early saturation?

Saturated or clogged fuel oil filter is a big problem!

To understand the scale of this problem we need to talk about the amount of contaminants found in Brazilian diesel. In general, diesel impurities appear in the path between the refinery, passing through the storage tanks until reaching the machine tank. The contamination of diesel can occur mainly by chemical reactions of the fuel itself and also by the lack of proper handling that allows contact with dust, rust, water and other contaminants.

After leaving the machine tank, the diesel is directed to original fuel filters, which have the function of preventing particles such as dust, rust, water and other contaminants from reaching the fuel pump and injector nozzles.

Depending on the manufacturer, each filter has its specifications regarding the replacement period, however, as the level of contamination of the fuels is high, the filters saturate even before recommended. When this happens it is common for the nozzles to clog, causing the engine to lose power and failures, in some cases until the electric fuel pump burns.

In the most modern equipment the saturation of the original filters simply turns the machine off until the problem is solved. However, it is not enough to simply change the original filter and continue using contaminated fuel, as soon you will have the same problems.

If your company suffers from the need to replace original filters, machines with malfunctions, high fuel consumption, and maintenance of components such as nozzle and fuel injection pump, it’s time to take a step forward and learn about two solutions for this problem.

Fuel Filtration and Microfiltration

Diesel oil filtration

Filtration is a process that removes 99% of water and solid particles up to 10 microns, eliminating contamination through a drainage system. With the filtering of the fuel oil, its quality is better, not overloading the original filters or the injection systems of the machine.

Microfiltration of diesel oil

The microfiltration process uses cellulose filter elements to separate particles between 0.1 and 10 microns. In this process, microfiltration is able to capture very small contaminations that would certainly pass through the machine’s original filters causing equipment problems.

Conclusion on early saturation if fuel oil filters:

It is not enough to just replace the filters or maintain the nozzle and injection pump and continue to use contaminated fuel. Once the fuels suffer contamination by chemical reaction or by lack of handling in transport and storage, measures such as the installation of Filtration and Microfiltration systems that will solve the problem must be taken.

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