Ever heard of deep microfiltration? Find out now.


Oil filtration is a technique that guarantees the extension of the useful life of your equipment and savings in the maintenance of your fleet. In addition, filtration also prevents premature wear and tear on machinery, making it possible for you to make the most of your equipment.

Types of Oil Filtration

There are two types of oil filtration on the market: filtration andmicrofiltration. Common filtration cannot capture very small contaminations, which is serious, after all, particles invisible to the naked eye are the real villains of the contamination. Microfiltration, on the other hand, ensures a more efficient retention, capturing particles up to 2 microns in size – which provides more safety in the operation.

Depth Microfiltration x Surface Microfiltration

Within microfiltration, we find two types: surface and depth. In surface microfiltration, the fluid basically passes directly through the filter element. This type of “pleated” filter has only one layer, at most two, of paper and the particles end up perforating the filter. Once punctured, smaller particles can pass through it, contaminating the entire fluid again.

In depth microfiltration, the “coiled” filter retains particles on its walls that have a space of 2 microns between them. Contaminants pass through indirect paths through the material that forms the filter element. Thus, the particles are captured in the openings of the filter medium, which has a labyrinth shape.

Benefits of Depth Microfiltration

Depth microfiltrationhas great benefits for your machinery. Depending on the microfiltration system chosen, it is possible to obtain:

  • Retention of approximately 900 grams;
  • Removal of fluid sludge;
  • 99.6% cleaning efficiency.

With this, microfiltration by depth ensures greater efficiency in the removal of particles, greater safety in the process, greater efficiency in the result and greater availability of your equipment, without having to subject them to a long stop by default in corrective maintenance.


Always perform predictive maintenance on your equipment and don’t forget to resort to deep microfiltration, as it is the best and most effective technique within oil filtration. It is best to ensure that there are no surprises with your machinery. So do microfiltration with a trusted company. Make a free consultation with POC Filters.

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