Diesel and hydraulic oil filtration

Watch a video on diesel and hydraulic oil filtration.

Filter oil! Contamination causes about 80% of component failures, both in new and used equipment.

Contaminated hydraulic oil can generate

Pumps and valves failures, efficiency losses caused by internal leaks, and unnecessary oil changes.

Contaminated diesel oil can cause:

Injection system malfunction, resulting in increased consumption, loss of power and premature failure of pumps and injectors. It can lead to engine failure.

Contamination is an invisible villain that reduces the efficiency of the equipment and can be introduced into the systems during supply, operation, maintenance or due to natural wear and tear. It can cause failures that cost up to 5 times more than early repairs.

With 2 micron filters, POC Filters systems are the solution against contamination. Performing depth filtering, ensuring the best cost benefit in the market. In addition, the systems are modular, easy to install and maintain.

Hydraulic oil filtration

Dialysis systems guarantee a clean hydraulic oil, increasing component life. It can be mobile, allowing mobility and application in various equipment, or shipped, making continuous dialysis.

Diesel oil filtration

The diesel filtration systems guarantee maximum efficiency of the injection systems, reducing the failures and the repair costs that are very high.

They can be installed on the station or on supply trains, before the nozzle. It is indicated for fleets with centralized supply.

It can also be installed on board the equipment, between the coalescing filter and the primary filter. Suitable for floating fleets without a pre-defined supply point.

Cost benefits of oil filtration systems

The filtration systems of POC Filters can reduce the level of contamination of your equipment by five to ten times. This means reduced maintenance costs and increased component life.

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