Contamination of diesel oil by fungi and bacteria

In our series of posts on diesel oil care we have already written about water contamination. When water is present in diesel it contributes to the development of so-called MICROBIAL contamination such as yeasts, bacteria and molds. If you notice the presence of water in the tank and the fuel smells bad, it can indicate the existence of microbes. See 4 categories of microbial contamination in diesel oil:

Diesel oil contaminated by bacteria

Bacteria are single-celled organisms, usually 0.3 to 60μm in size. A colony of bacteria can double in size in a short period of 20 to 30 minutes. In seven hours, a cell can multiply by two million. Bacteria degrade a quality fuel over time.

Diesel oil contaminated by Fungi

Fungi with long multicellular filaments are called molds. Although there are no indications that the mold can cause fuel degradation, the presence of long threads blocks the filters.

Diesel oil contaminated with yeast

Yeast is another type of fungus, with relatively slow growth. Its size is usually between 3-4μm.

Diesel oil contaminated by Biofilm

Biofilm is characterized by a complex structure of microbes, which adhere to the walls of the fuel tank. This type of contamination begins to form the moment free floating microbes fall on a surface, attaching themselves to it. Over time, biofilms can grow and produce protective sludge. Another problem that can be caused is the erosion of the metal fuel tank, due to the acid excreted by the biofilm.

Protect yourself from diesel oil contamination

If you notice your machine or vehicle running roughly, faults or a sudden shutdown this may indicate that there is something in the fuel that is not burning as it should. For these situations, the filter must be checked, since there is a possibility that contaminants have restricted the flow of fuel through the filter. That way, the engine may not be getting enough to run properly.

The definitive solution to solve problems with fuel contamination is to invest in Filtration or Microfiltration systems.

If you want to learn more about techniques to solve diesel oil contamination problems we recommend that you read this post:5 motivos para investir em Microfiltragem.

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