Agriculture: 7 problems that contaminated diesel oil can cause

We have prepared a video about 7 problems that contaminated diesel oil can cause in agricultural machinery.

It is common to hear from technicians and mechanics that many problems with an agricultural machine under maintenance were generated by continuous use of contaminated diesel oil.

What happens when contaminated diesel oil arrives at the machine?

See below the 7 main problems that can occur:


1-) Damage to the fuel tank.

When contaminated diesel is placed in a machine, it will damage the internal walls of the fuel tank, contributing to the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and rust.

2-) Difficulties in the flow of fuel.

When passing through the primary and secondary filters, they will be saturated before the expected time, allowing excess contamination to pass through the system. This will hinder the correct flow of fuel.

3-) Wear of the injection pump.

Upon entering the injection pump, the contamination particles will cause internal wear leaving the pump unregulated. Increased fuel consumption and excessive smoke can indicate possible system malfunctions.

4-) Wear of the injection nozzles.

The injection nozzles will also wear out causing the fuel to be squirted instead of sprayed. This can be identified when the machine starts to fail and lose performance.

5-) Premature wear of the engine components.

Smoke generated by burning contaminated diesel will cause wear and tear on other engine components such as intake valves, cylinder liner, piston rings, and piston.

6-) Contamination of the crankcase oil.

And it doesn’t stop there, the burning of polluted diesel ends up also contaminating the lubricating oil in the entire crankcase, which, in turn, will harm all the components that are lubricated, such as: crankshafts, connecting rod and tappets.

7-) Carbonization of the upper parts of the engine.

When the rings, pistons, and cylinders wear out, the lubricating oil will go into excess to the upper parts of the engine and begin to be carbonized by the high temperatures.

contaminated diesel oil


Contaminated diesel oil is highly harmful to machinery as it generates lost productivity, increased consumption and excessive maintenance costs.

If you face this type of problem in agricultural production we can help you.

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