The benefits of microfiltration

Lubricating oil is a fundamental component for the operation of several types of machines. Its main function is to reduce wear and friction between the moving parts of a system.

Formed by a base oil (which can receive additives) and found in different forms – ranging from liquid to semi-liquid -, lubricating oils are key parts in the productivity of companies, which makes their filtering process even more necessary.

In this post, we will talk a little about the benefits of microfiltration, one of the main techniques to guarantee the ideal functioning of the lubricating oil.

What is microfiltration

In addition to enabling the maximum performance of your equipment, microfiltration is of paramount importance, as it allows you to save money and reduce the risks of corrective maintenance in the future.

The main gain of microfiltration is that, unlike simple oil filtration, which cannot capture very small contaminations in the fluid, it guarantees a much more efficient impurity retention, capturing particles up to 2 microns in size.

This provides much more safety and productivity than conventional filtration, as the latter allows particles invisible to the naked eye to follow in the fluid and can damage machinery.

For your better understanding, we have listed below the 5 main benefits of microfiltration. Check out!

Why adopt it?

1 – Prevents wear of components

Contaminated oils can cause the machines to consume more fuel, which consequently causes the need for extensive use of the equipment.

microfiltrationprevents unnecessary exchanges components and extends the life of the original oil filter, in addition to ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment.

2 – Reduces maintenance cost

Used for the prevention of failures and the protection of machinery, microfiltration is one of the main processes of predictive maintenance.

Its costs are much lower than those of corrective maintenance and, ensuring greater availability of the machines, there is an even greater reduction in maintenance costs.

3 – Equipment is more available

When the fleet undergoes corrective maintenance, production is stopped until the problem is solved. This waiting time until the machine is restarted compromises the entire production process.

Microfiltration, in turn, works while the equipment is in operation, which avoids the need for sudden stops and makes it possible, when necessary, to schedule occasional stops.

4 – Extends service life

Microfiltration ensures a clean fluid inside your equipment. This makes the wear of the parts less and also allows the components of each machine to have a longer useful life.

5 – Causes less impact on the environment

Generally, contaminated oil is discarded in nature and ends up harming the environment. Microfiltrated oil, on the other hand, can be reused, reducing the impacts caused and the costs of possible fluid changes.


Based on what we have seen above, microfiltration is an important tool to enhance the productivity of your machines, preserve the environment and, above all, increase your company’s profits.

Now that you know the benefits of microfiltration, do not waste time and employ the best maintenance techniques in your company!Any questions, be sure to contact us!

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