POC and Austech: get to know these filtration systems

For an operation to be successful, it is necessary to reach the maximum productivity of the equipment. As a result, maintaining fluid health is essential, as well as proposing an efficient Maintenance Plan.

See how the Austech and POC filtration systems considerably improve the cost-benefit ratio of investing in expensive equipment, as well as reducing maintenance costs.

What is POC

The acronym POC stands for Fuel Oil Purifier. The purpose of these purifiers is to remove up to 99% of water present in the diesel oil, in addition to contaminants of up to 10 microns, before it enters the injection system, which results in the protection of the machine against unnecessary downtime and damage caused by contamination.

The useful life of a POC filter is up to six years, if the daily drainage and the correct maintenance of the equipment are carried out. Because it is compact, easy to install and maintain, it is recommended for use in motor vehicles in general.

Today, POC has oil purifiers according to the needs of its fleet. In the case of vans, vans and other road equipment, there is the POC3. 0, designed for engines up to 4 cylinders of low consumption.Its drainage system is conducted to the bottom of the vehicle to facilitate the drainage operation.

POC4 purifiers, on the other hand, despite being similar to POC3, are indicated for all diesel engines with 4 cylinders of high flow, without restriction of equipment or line of use; however, because it is armored, it does not have a refill, but its useful life is considered high.

The POC6 type purifier was designed for all diesel engines with 6 cylinders of high flow, without restriction of equipment or line of use, being also armored, without refills and with long service life.

The POC 8 format – for engines up to 8 cylinders – allows installation in places with little space. Similar to POC6, there is no restriction on equipment or line of use or refill.

In the case of stationary gravity tanks powered by supply pumps, we developed the POC-T, which treats the diesel before filling the equipment, guaranteeing the treatment of the diesel, although it is not possible to ensure that the oil will arrive purified at the injection pump. , as the tank may be contaminated.

For small tanks or in the case of points on rural properties or supply trains, you can choose the POC MINI UTT or POC MINI T, whose operating systems are similar to the POC-T, however they were designed for a smaller volume of supply (50L / min).


What is Austech

Austech equipment is microfiltration systems for diesel oils and lubricants. The function of such a system is similar to that of a filtration system, however with a much smaller particle size (particles up to 2 microns).

Today, Austech systems can be found in models FMF201, FMF404 and FMF408, for diesel oil filtration, and FMD202, FMD204, FMD404TC and FMD404T, for hydraulic filtration. This format, in addition to ensuring the protection of equipment injection systems against contamination by solid particles, is modular and can therefore be installed in the injection line of fuels. It is indicated for both electronic and mechanical engines.

If you have more specifics, consult an expert POC Filters to find out how we can help. It is indicated for both electronic and mechanical engines.

We also provide the Hydraulic Dialysis System on the Austech line, that is, a mobile microfiltration device whose function is the dialysis of lubricating oils as efficiently and effectively as possible. This filtration system is continuous and gradual, being able to adapt according to the need in the field; it also promotes a high degree of system cleanliness with maximum efficiency in the shortest time. For its transportation, a specific cart is used, which can be rented according to your needs (monthly and annual rates).

Finally, your equipment can count on the protection of the Embedded or Fixed Austech Microfiltration System, that is, that can be installed in the vehicle itself or in a supply station or in a fleet maintenance.

Learn more about POC Filters products and Austech Microfiltration Systems and their benefits by knowingOur page. If you still have questions, please consult us and clarify which are the best products for your equipment.

The benefits of an Austech and POC Filtration System

Much of the Brazilian agricultural transport and production fleet is now powered by diesel oil. Recently, the country committed itself to increase the concentration of biodiesel and to reduce the sulfur content in this product. On the one hand, this represents a major advance in the environmental area. On the other hand, however, it has demanded greater care with the maintenance of diesel combustion engines.

In this sense, the main change refers to the highly hygroscopic property of biodiesel, which attracts water from the air into the engine. In this way, in addition to the particulate material inherent to the combustion process, the change in the chemical composition of the fuel brought an increase in the water concentration in the oil, thus requiring greater care with filtration, especially in the case of machines with seasonal use, such as as agricultural tractors.

Thus, the benefits of installing a filtration system suited to your needs refer in particular to savings in maintenance costs, as the value of unexpected maintenance can be up to five times higher than that of scheduled maintenance .

If we consider that about 80% of component failures occur due to oil contamination, the benefit offered by the installation of a filtration system stands out even more.

In addition, filtration decreases the chance of an unexpected failure, which forces the interruption of production, especially in the case of agricultural machinery. However, the cost of operation, whether the machine is stopped or running, is fixed.

For these reasons, it is more interesting to prevent the loss of production time by implementing a filter that, in addition to increasing the life of the original equipment filtration system, serve as accident prevention –see this testimonial from a rural producer to prove.

Thus, the installation of an Austech Filtration System or POC – depending on your need – helps to ensure the functionality of the engines for longer. A filtration system can also serve as a “buffer” and avoid aggravating problems caused by a break in the system, as well as protecting engine parts from contamination by water and particulate matter.

Find out which filter is best for your machines by making a freepricePOC Filters and increase the cost-benefit ratio of your fleet.

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